LED display maintenance knowledge

Time: 2018-03-18 | Author: admin

In the course of use, led display screens may cause various malfunctions due to pollution, looseness, vibration, heat generation, and environmental temperature changes, affecting the normal use of the led display screen and even causing serious accidents. Therefore, regular maintenance of the LED display screen, which can make the LED display in the best state of operation, but also can effectively prevent the failure, the normal operation of the led display to achieve a multiplier effect. From the "led display regular maintenance table" can be seen, led display maintenance methods are mainly four aspects: inspection, cleaning, fastening, and the display surface clean. First, the inspection led display inspection cycle is generally used "monthly inspection system", the implementation of large-scale LED display maintenance "week inspection system" will be reported weekly "LED display monthly maintenance inspection table." Specific maintenance content and response speed commitment:

 1, LED display screen body maintenance, including lamp, module, module, power supply, control card; 

2, LED display control system maintenance, including controller, optical fiber conversion card, distribution Device, send card; 

3, LED display special playback operating software, including playback software maintenance, upgrades; 

4, regular (monthly once) technical personnel on-site inspection, inspection and maintenance of the system; 

5, major activities, protection: the company Technical staff guide to ensure the smooth development of on-site activities